Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Change of plans

Hello everyone,
Our Thanksgiving plans have changed again. We are now eating with our friends the Sanchez's. Ruth and Chris have invited us for dinner. However, it is their second meal of the day, so it may just be out of sympathy.....Anyway, I am in charge of Jell-O salad, rolls, and desserts. It will be nice to have someone else cook a turkey this year. After thanksgiving, I am planning on finishing up our food storage. One of these days, I will learn how to put pictures on here so I can upload them onto my blog. Anyways, Love to all my family and friends, and happy Thanksgiving!


Katie said...

We miss you guys so much Becky, Ryan, Levi and Luke! We will be dreaming of eating your delicous food and enjoying your hospitality as we play card games and drink sparkling cider!

Stephanie said...

I forgot to put your blog on my list, so I kept thinking you just weren't updating. I'm glad that you have a bit, but I want more! Also, I'm glad that you spent Thanksgiving with friends.